Until recently, most of my career work has been in proprietary code bases. I'm steadily growing my open source contributions, and the more substantial ones will show up here.

Roam Note Exporter (Source)

Export selected pages from a Roam Research graph. I use this to populate the note section on this site.

Fund The Rebuild (Source)

Fund The Rebuild image

(Currently dormant.) We all hear about the GoFundMe pages that go viral and exceed their fundraising goals. But many don't attract much attention — fundraisers for goals just as important, but perhaps without the social media savvy to get coverage. This site brings attention to those forgotten GoFundMe campaigns that were started in the wake of the 2020 riots.

Palette Transformer (Source)

Palette Transformer image

Transform a color palette to fit any other color you want! I put this together after doing it manually once, and I wrote about the initial experience and the theory behind it here.

Video Trimmer (Source)

Video Trimmer image

A mostly-finished project I'm putting together for my church. Take a selection from a video, and add an intro and outro without the complexity of a full-fledged video editor.

httptreemux (Source)

httptreemux image

I wrote a trie-based HTTP router library back in 2014 when I was learning Go. Its performance focus and flexible routing options have gained a small following, including some commercial users.

Other Minor Projects

  • Svelte Zoomable is an experiment in zoomable UI and advanced transitions in Svelte.
  • Sorters is a compact package for generating Javascript array sort comparators that handle things like null values, descending sort, and multi-level comparisons. I wrote this as I've been moving away from heavyweight utility packages.
  • SWR XState is a stale-while-revalidate data fetcher built with the XState state machine library. Originally developed for internal use at my company, it provides automatic periodic refreshes with browser focus tracking, exponential backoff, and other nice features. I also wrote an article about the implementation.